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We are a professional non-metallic powder material enterprise that integrates research and development, production, sales, and service as a whole, which is based on high-end inorganic non-metallic powder processing!
Our R&D new products have been serving many large projects in many industry fields covering nonmetal inorganic materials, rubber and plastics, coating and composite material by providing formulation, production process and the sense standards for them.
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Glass powder for flame retardant

Glass powder for flame retardant is an environmentally friendly glass/ceramic state, flame retardant, fire-resistant, and smokeless and halogen-free functional powder product.


Silica powder

Silica powder is used natural fused crystalline quartz or fused silica as raw material, which is processing by rough grinding, purification, wet/dry ball milling or airflow milling,using liquid or aerodynamic fine classification process.


Low melting point glass

Low melting point glass powder is an environmentally friendly inorganic non-metallic new material which is widely used in high-temperature inorganic carriers, solvents, adhesives, and other functional new materials.

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Anmi Anywhere Powder™ Reminder
Our company's products are basic raw materials, and the relevant parameters are for reference only. To avoid losses caused by counterfeiting or misselection, it is recommended that users purchase free samples or a small amount for trial use